Case studies are nothing new to the world of academia, where they've been used as traditional resources of learning for years. And many websites and publications regularly write case studies to help readers relate to others' challenges and perhaps find solutions to their own.

So it's certainly not a stretch to consider boosting your business' marketing efforts with a few. John Jantsch at DuctTape Marketing suggests adding case studies to your marketing arsenal to help explain to potential clients how you've "successfully delivered your service to a real life client." Case studies are powerful because they let potential clients see what you might be able to do for them. He's also provided this quick case study format to get you started in writing your own:

1. Define the client or situation.
2. Define the problem.
3. Solution that was offered.
4. Results achieved through working with your company.

Find more about Jantsch's take on case studies on his weblog.