You hear it debated over and over again. Despite the proliferation of entrepreneurship programs in schools across the nation, most entrepreneurs will agree that, when it comes to becoming an entrepreneur, nothing beats experience. In Michael Cage's recent blog, "Formal Education and Entrepreneurship," he asks, in a nutshell, "under what conditions would you recommend formal education? College, an MBA program, whatever...?"
His answer, a definitive NONE. His advice: find a hard-nosed, seasoned mentor to show you the ropes. (Click here for his full blog.) posed a similar question to its users in a poll: Can entrepreneurship be taught? By May 2004, 672 users had responded, with 392 people saying no, it can't be taught; 280 respondents said yes.

What is the better way to learn how to be a business owner? Sitting in a class or getting out there and just doing it?