Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner on Tuesday confirmed plans to host his own one-hour talk show on CNBC, focusing on creativity and innovation in the business world, among other topics.

Eisner, who was recently ousted by Walt Disney's nephew after heading the entertainment behemoth for 21 years, has already sat in twice for Charlie Rose on PBS, interviewing InterActiveCorp. CEO Barry Diller and John Travolta.

That said, small business owners may be leery of taking advice from Eisner, who led the company to new heights with "Beauty and the Beast," but also new lows with "Kingdom Hospital," "Life With Bonnie," and "It's All Relative" -- along with fading crowds at its theme parks.

While specific times have yet to be announced, the bimonthly broadcast seems a perfect fit to run alongside Disney's old Sunday night supper-hour show, "The Wonderful World of Disney." That way, grown-ups and their kids could scarf down Sunday dinner together before barging to the nearest television set.