I was really looking forward to the Thomas Friedman talk —- the controversy that surrounds him — the wolf in sheep's clothing criticisms leveled at him —- a liberal with a conservative message? This was something I needed to hear first hand. But I have to say, it fell flat. The man can write, he can write brilliantly, but as an orator, especially one in such esteemed company, he's seemed out of his depth. I'll stick to his column and look out for the sequel to The World is Flat. Maybe it's my personal style, I have the attention span of a gnat —- I spoke to plenty of people that loved what he had to say.

It's not everyday you get to hear a President speak, live. But today was the day for me. Though I wouldn't count myself among the ranks of the democratic party, I can't fail to be moved by the pure charisma that exudes from this man when he talks. President Bill Clinton rose to the top of the pile. The biggest, best, most fiercely contested pile in the world. Heartfelt thanks to Inc for
lining up such a top notch speaker. I managed to get a seat close the the front. At the end President Clinton came through to shake hands. I was a row behind. He shook hands with the front row. He so easily could have blanked me. But as he passed he leaned over to the second row and shook my hand too. That was impressive. Thanks Inc.!

I'd write more, but I'm off to see if I can get a seat with Steve Lipscomb at the Inc Private Poker Tournament! Does a straight beat a flush Steve? Wish me and the headsets team luck'¦

Mike Faith is CEO of Headsets.com.

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