Wow, I can hardly believe that it's been a year since was last celebrating at the Inc. 500 conference.

We've just arrived at the conference center, the sounds of the noisy ferry across the river still ringing in our ears. It's early, and it's quiet —- and cooler than I thought Savannah would be this time of year. One of the first people we run into is an icon and a role model for us all, Ping Fu, of Geomagic in North Carolina. I have her session on 'Realizing the American Dream' highlighted in my conference guide as a must see. Her story is amazing, and anyone who hasn't read it, should take the time. As an immigrant myself, (although it's tough to compare growing up in England with the horrors she faced as a child living through the Chinese Cultural Revolution) I find her messages truly inspirational. It was great to get a few pictures of Ping wearing our latest Plantronics Headset, she's incredibly gracious too it seems!

I took a few minutes to visit the EO stand, its good to see them here again -— I know that they are good supporters of Inc., and from my own experiences in YEO, I know that they deliver a lot to the business community. I count them among the few organizations that have been instrumental in being what it is today.

I'm looking forward to meeting the many friends we made last year in Tucson, hearing their stories, their challenges and their successes. And that's what I'm off to do now.

Mike Faith is CEO of

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