We've seen a significant number of M&A events surrounding Inc. 500 companies this year. At the same time, we've seen a few IPOs as well - lead by Under Amour and Morningstar (whose founder, Joe Mansueto, bought Inc. last year.) Well, if rumors are correct, there might be another IPO involving an Inc. 500 alum in the works: two-time winner GoDaddy.com.
GoDaddy, which registers website names, made a big splash with its racy Super Bowl commercial last year. (Its entry earlier this year was less successful at generating buzz.) Nevertheless, the company continues to generate revenue at an Inc. 500 pace. But, as a true dot-com, what do you think the IPO prospects for GoDaddy are? In the wake of Google's success, are investor's ready to forgive and forget the dot-bust?