I don't know how you work, but I'd like to know. Do you rarely leave your office or do you roam, as I do, from employee to employee? From my glass-enclosed office in our brand-new downtown building, I can see a number of my colleagues--like executive editor Mike Hofman, who works catty-cornered from me. Without getting up from my chair, I can check out whether he's on the phone, talking to a colleague, or typing on his computer. And yet I do get up, because I am a person who can glean more information and insight from a personal encounter than from e-mail, a phone call, or a glance across the room.

How someone works, especially when that someone is the boss, colors the experience of everyone in an office. It charts the course of how the day evolves and how the company functions. This month, we're introducing an occasional feature called The Way I Work because we think that the intricacies of how one entrepreneur works--and why he or she chooses that course--will fascinate other entrepreneurs. Some of these may contain practical advice; others will be more of a window onto the reality of the entrepreneurial life. I hope you'll agree that our debut feature about Bruce Moeller of DriveCam is a worthwhile read with the kind of intimate detail you can find only in Inc.