How to look at resumes. Wading through an endless stack of resumes in this increasingly flooded job market? Glenn Kelman CEO of the online home brokerage, Redfin, has some great tips on what he looks for in a candidate. His preferences: three to four bullets per job, a GPA of at least 3.5, LinkedIn endorsements. And, at all costs, Kelman suggest avoiding an outdated Email address from sites like AOL.

Crash aftermath becomes a case study in social media. After U.S. Airways pilot Chesley Sullenberger miraculously landed his Airbus jet on the Hudson River and then managed to evacuate the plane safely, the first picture was snapped by an amateur, who distributed it using his Twitter account. It was later picked up by numerous news organizations (you can see it on the Wall Street Journal's homepage right now). Alley Insider has the shot and the mainstream media reaction that followed.

A lesson in how not to rebrand . With Bush's approval rating at 27 percent, pundits say its time for the GOP to borrow a tactic from the business world and rebrand its image. The Daily Show sends up the idea, staging a mock brainstorming session inside the offices of rebranding gurus Droga5. The result? A relatable new spokesperson that embodies the best that the GOP has to offer, of course. Meet Reagraham Lincool . The left isn't the only side with a sense of humor. In our January issue, we profiled Conservative Café, a coffee shop that hawks "Peace Through Superior Firepower" tees and Radical Right coffee blends.

Startup looks to capitalize on inauguration. With an estimated 100 million viewers expected to tune in for the inauguration hoopla that begins this weekend—-Bigger than the Super Bowl!--online video startup Ustreem is trying to capture a small piece of that market. TechCrunch has news on the company's new iPhone application which lets users watch live video straight from their cell phones. "The timing on the application is near perfect with the Obama inauguration coming up on January 20," writes Michael Arrington. "The world is changing before our eyes." Anyone else trying to capitalize?

The ten most unethical people in business. Ethisphere certainly had a strong pool of candidates to pull from for its annual litany of the 100 most unethical people in business. MarketWatch delves into the top ten. Bernie Madoff, currently under penthouse arrest naturally gets the the top prize. Check out the full list for yourself.

Iowa moves to provide small business health care. MSNBC has picked up a local report that state legislators are backing a plan to allow small businesses, local governments, and nonprofits to buy into state employees' health care plan. Sen. Jack Hatch says it will be based on Connecticut's, and says small business owners are more accepting of such a plan as costs rise. Would you sign your business up?