Gary Vaynerchuk got his entrepreneurial start selling baseball cards and lemonade on the streets of Edison, New Jersey. Times have changed. Vaynerchuk, who has over 900,000 Twitter followers, says marketers have been too slow to adapt to the reality of marketing today; That is, no one cares about a lot of the media you put in front of them.

"The business world in 2011 is acting like 2007," he said. "And that is our opportunity."

For instance:

Outdoor media: "People are not looking at billboards. They're not even looking at the f!@$-ing road!"

Direct mail: "Who's pumped to get mail? No one!"

TV Commercials: "How many of you have fast-forwarded through every single commercial? Exactly. People aren't watching them!"

Vaynerchuk believes that marketing will inevitably revert back to a one-on-one relationship with business and customer. And companies that don't implement large-scale social media campaigns built into the fabric of their businesses, he says, will fail.  

"Word of mouth is the currency," he said. "Now we have the infrastructure to put it on steroids…I believe that companies have an opportunity to take themselves from non-human to human, [using social media]. When we engage on Twitter and Facebook, it's not just a press release. It's personal."

What about you, readers? Has your company completely forsaken traditional marketing for social campaigns? How do you interact with customers? Let us know in the comments section below. 


Sep 23, 2011