Promotion button overload? Google's +1 debuted yesterday, giving you another way to promote your site through peer promotion. Mashable notes the button is easy to install and user friendly—fitting snuggly between your site's Tweet, Facebook, StumbleUpon, tumblr, e-mail, Digg, Blogger, AIM, Yahoo, and share buttons.

Windows shows off its new OS. TechCrunch has screenshots of the "fresh, fast, and accessible" Windows 8 and AllThingsD has the demo video. Though the release date is still unannounced, some predict Spring 2012.

Retailers post mixed results for May. High gas prices and "an uncertain economy" contributed to sluggish retail sales in the month of May—despite a last minute surge in spending over the Memorial Day Weekend. More from The Wall Street Journal. 

How to handle a social media embarassment. Krystal Ball, the 2010 candidate for a U.S. House seat from Virginia whose embarrassing photos went viral when she ran for office, offers her "hard-earned wisdom" for Rep. Anthony Weiner in The Atlantic today. Her message? Just be honest.  

Is e-mail safer than calling? Entrepreneurs notoriously spend (too) much time on their cell phones, so when the World Health Organization compared the carcinogenic levels of cell phones to that of pickles, Brian Palmer at wondered, well, "Do pickles cause cancer?"

Immigrant entrepreneurs struggle. The New York Times presents this compelling little piece about Korean grocers, once a fixture in New York, now on the decline.

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