What to do if you can't find funding. Go abroad. According to The New York Times, some start-ups that have been spurned by U.S. investors are beginning to flex their frequent flyer miles, traveling overseas looking for foreign investors.

11 start-ups worth checking out. TechCrunch spends an afternoon with the start-ups at Founders Den, the "the don't-call-it-an-incubator incubator" based in San Francisco.

Why GM will never be Apple. The Atlantic explores the "sickness at the heart of American business" through the lens of Bob Lutz, former vice chairman of product development of GM, whose new book presents "a fascinating indictment of our country's corporations."

How to give your start-up street-cred. Fred Wilson, noted VC and popular blogger, has a compelling post on Business Insider today about a hacking competition that's given one non-profit start-up in New York a ton of visibility.

A 'glum' view of the economy... The Wall Street Journal summarizes Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's views of the economy. "Monetary policy cannot be a panacea," he said.

...and it might get even worse. If these six "economic disasters" happen, via The New Republic.

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