Clothes are getting smarter...Sure, innovation is the engine of growth, but sometimes it can seem a bit, well, unnecessary. Like "hi-tech" clothing lines, for example. "Not to sound like Andy Rooney here, but whatever happened to clothes that were just clothes?" writes Eric Wilson in The New York Times. 

...While garbage bags smell better. How does odor affect your product? When you're in the trash industry, it can make all the stinkin' difference (sorry). Here's how a few companies are rethinking the classic trash bag to appeal to consumers.

Should Microsoft buy Netflix? Kevin Kelleher at Fortune thinks so. Many disagree. One commenter, CapCube, writes in: "Maybe NFLX should by MSFT instead!" 

How to stay sane while running a start-up. VentureBeat has a few tips for entrepreneurs on avoiding the coffee-at-three-in-the-morning-sleeping-under-the-desk-mentality of running a fledgling start-up.

Celebrating World Oceans Day by mapping the sea floor. Google teamed up with Columbia University to map a portion of the ocean comparable to the size of North America. TechCrunch has the details and mind-boggling video.

The digital filing cabinet goes mobile. Doxo, a digital filing cabinet that lets you secure your documents in one place online, launched its iPhone app that seriously cuts down on pocket clutter, letting you avoid one of these situations. And hey, it's free.

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