How to become famous on Twitter. One option is to pony up the $120,000 to become a "Promoted Trend" for the day. According to VentureBeat, advertisers were paying just a fourth of that price just one year ago.

You don't know me, Zuckerberg... As usual, Facebook is dealing with the backlash from yet another not-so-privacy-friendly product roll-out, a new facial recognition software that can theoretically tag your friends in photos automatically. Wired makes a good point, though: For all the buzz, is facial recognition even useful?

...Especially in China. The Wall Street Journal details Mark Zuckerberg's "road map" to success in China, where Web censorship has kept Facebook at bay.

Three explanations today of why America is not producing enough jobs:

From "Businesses are reluctant to spend more and create more jobs because there aren't enough consumers out there able and willing to buy what businesses have to sell."

From The New York Times: "Workers are getting more expensive while equipment is getting cheaper, and the combination is encouraging companies to spend on machines rather than people."

From The Atlantic: "Some economists chalk up the jobless recovery to a demand shortfall and end the discussion there. But there's something else happening. It's the new, relentless pursuit of efficiency."

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