It's official: New Yorkers use Twitter. A lot. New York state residents use Twitter 30 percent more than the national average, according to Business Insider. Still, Twitter may be having trouble breaking into the non-media-and-tech mainstream.

Future MBAs to focus less on finance, more on technology. The Wall Street Journal reports on a recent shift in focus at Harvard Business School, where the 2013 class will have "a substantially smaller percentage of finance professionals than in previous years."

How to sell your start-up. James Altucher at TechCrunch has nine tips for entrepreneurs on creating a successful exit from a start-up.

The 'value of passion' in a 'jobless world.' Lane Wallace, the pilot/entrepreneur/author, writes, well, passionately  about passion, noting its ability to "build something of value in the world."

Prada looks to raise capital in planning to go public on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

...While Chinese women buy more luxury products. Women represent "a rapidly emerging market segment that also wants high-end baubles and toys" in China, reports The Wall Street Journal. 

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