Of all of the types of companies you could start, which sounds like the most fun?

Adventure Travel

Pros: You get to see the world.

Cons: Hiking Machu Picchu becomes just another day at work.

Restaurant Chain

Pros: Free lunch!

Cons: The customer is always right.


Pros: People do the growing for you.

Cons: Hand holding.

Beverage Company

Pros: You don't need a lot of capital.

Cons: You do need a product with a long shelf life.

Aerospace Company

Pros: The sky is literally the limit.

Cons: Government red tape.

Software Company

Pros: The payoff can be big.

Cons: Development time.

T-shirt Company

Pros: You can wear a T-shirt to work.

Cons: People will try to rip off your designs.

Beauty Company

Pros: People love to help beauty companies -- for free.

Cons: Stiff competition.

Advertising Company

Pros: You're in the business of brainstorming.

Cons: Picky clients.