When it comes to sales, body language matters. A small gesture such as a firm handshake can play a big part in the outcome of the result.

Knowing your client's gestures and tailoring your sales pitches to them is a skill that can easily be acquired and, if used correctly, can be vital in business encounters.  Whether you're negotiating a million dollar deal or bargaining with a client in a sales meeting, knowing body gestures allow you to come out ahead.

Here are a few body language gestures and why they're important:

1. Come in with a firm handshake.

When you're in a big sales meeting, present yourself in a friendly way that makes you memorable. By greeting your colleagues with a firm handshake, you appear approachable in a way that also shows strength and confidence.

First impressions are vital to a sale and just as your father taught you, handshakes say a lot about a person. Going into a meeting without a strong grip depicts you as non-caring -- or worse, lacking confidence.

When shaking someone' hand, be sure it's palm to palm and that you match their grip. If your palm comes in on top, it appears you're trying to overpower them. And as for the grip, don't be too strong to the point it feels like you're trying to break their hand.  Above all else, do not be so soft that the handshake mirrors holding a dead fish.

2. Develop eye contact while talking.

They say your eyes are the windows to your soul, and there's a reason for that. There's nothing more disrespectful than not looking at someone directly when they're speaking with you. It can either make you seem intimidated and self-conscious or arrogant/egoistic.

In a sales meeting, you want to show the people around you that you're confident and know what you're talking about. Looking directly in the eyes is a great way to do so, and it shows you're paying attention when they're speaking.

Nodding and giving physical cues that you're not only listening, but actively listening, can also go a long way.  

Science reveals when people feel like they're being listened to, their brain produces a chemical called oxytocin. Oxytocin helps us feel socially bonded to people -- like we're part of their tribe.

3. Be aware of your vocal tone.

Developing a variety of tones will help you get your point across in the different scenarios you might encounter. Depending on the scenario, your vocal tone may sound more persuasive or demanding in order to close a sale.

Your vocal tone, just like your eye contact and handshake, can also show signs of confidence or weakness. Speaking in a soft, low tone can be seen as weak in a big sales meting and you might not be able to get your point across, as compared to someone speaking confidently and in a bold tone.

With these body language tips you'll be prepared to tackle on the next sales meeting and be one step ahead. Being conscious of colleagues' gestures and your own is a great advantage when tailoring your sales pitch.