Whether you have a sales team of two or 10 people, it's very important to keep them motivated to help your business grow. Yes, they will probably do their job without delivering extra motivation, but to have your sales team see just how much you appreciate their hard work, can make a world of difference in your bottom line.

Having fun, playful competition among your team can encourage salespeople to strive for higher personal sales goals and also stronger team camaraderie. To help you build a stronger, more successful sales team, here are some effective motivational tools to consider.

Create a Team Environment

They call them "sales teams" for a reason. Teams are a strong unit, they work together to achieve a goal or mission. Something as simple as bringing everyone together for a meeting or lunch can give them a chance to socialize, de-stress and bond with one another, re-creating that team-like environment and increasing everyone's chances of being more productive.

In fact, the Harvard Business Review reports that a research team worked with a bank call center and advised the manager to revise the employees' coffee break schedule so that everyone on a team took a break at the same time. The research team discovered that the average handling time (AHT) fell by more than 20 percent among lower-performing teams and decreased by 8 percent overall at the call center. After seeing the results, the manager changed the break schedule at all 10 of the bank's call centers (which employ a total of 25,000 people) and forecasted $15 million a year in productivity increases. He had also seen employee satisfaction at call centers rise, sometimes by more than 10 percent.

Lead Team Meetings

Holding daily or weekly motivational talks to boost productivity is another simple way to keep your team happy and ready to take on challenges. Think about the movies that have a coach giving an inspirational pep talk to their football team before they run to the field, it builds up courage and a much stronger team environment. Even you feel pumped, right? Make it even more impactful by inviting one of your best-performing team members to speak up and share tips to help everyone sharpen their skills. This is your time to use your great leadership skills and show support for your team before a long work day or week.

Keep Track of Wins

Whether it's a tally chart or online system, keep track of your sales team's wins. By doing so, you're keeping yourself and your team accountable for achieving success. You'll be able to see how well your team is doing, when they made the most sales and the least amount of sales, who is performing the best and who needs help meeting their goals. As the business leader, you're overseeing the sales strategies, determining what's working and what isn't and also seeing how your best performing salespeople can help everyone else stay on track. Keeping track of everyone's wins or sales numbers can also help you reward the best performing salespeople.

Sales Competitions

Speaking of rewards--consider creating a fun weekly or monthly competition among your sales team members. The person that makes the most sales in a given time frame (end of the week or month), wins a gift card, winery tour package or other fun prize. Or, if you'd rather give a phenomenal prize once per year, consider annual giveaways to the top five best-performing sales people that made the most sales in one year. These special prizes can be something like a trip for two to Hawaii, an adventure package at Yellowstone National Park or a check for $1,000. Your team will appreciate you rewarding them for their hard work and they'll be motivated to make more sales and win more prizes.

By hosting team meetings, rewarding members and maintaining a fun, collaborative environment, you are giving your business an even greater chance to succeed. Such motivational tools will boost the camaraderie of the team and make everybody happier. Sales shouldn't be just about sitting at a desk, taking calls and punching numbers, it should be about feeling ready to take on the challenge of attracting more customers and working together to accomplish your company's mission. Apply these motivational practices today and you'll not only see a boost in sales, but more importantly, a team of driven professionals ready to challenge themselves and help the business grow.