Although more and more women are becoming business owners, men are still dominating leadership roles. According to Catalyst, a nonprofit organization focused on accelerating progress for women through workplace inclusion, women make up 15.4 percent of CEO positions and 33 percent of senior management roles. Women are eager to break the glass ceiling and devote their time and energy to achieving their goals and making a name for themselves.

From voicing expert opinions during presentations to networking with other professional women, there are many ways to build confidence and power as a female entrepreneur. Unfortunately, some women still feel like they have to prove themselves to peers and clients, but with the strategies below, you will feel empowered to take risks and create a competitive business that outshines others.

Be Bold

Women business owners are often seen as too nice or too cold. It can be difficult for some to find the perfect balance of kind and tough. In order to be taken seriously while also being friendly and approachable, you must always be yourself yet find ways to express your boldness. Such as giving your expert opinion in meetings, making executive decisions and trying risky strategies.

Network with Other Women

It can be a very positive experience when talking to other successful women. Meeting other leaders like yourself inspires creativity, builds knowledge and makes your future business goals seem attainable. Attending panels, having group discussions and interacting with influential women can boost your confidence, build motivation and help you discover numerous ways to improve your business.

Show Passion for Your Work

Your business is most likely your passion in life. Don't be afraid to show how passionate you are about what you do. When talking about your business and team, your excitement will attract people to want to learn more and see what you're doing to make such a fulfilling company and workplace.

Promote Yourself

There is always a way to promote yourself and your brand. Having an active social media account and a marketing team is one way to promote your company. But give yourself attention by handing out business cards at networking events, be open to interviews with reporters seeking expert advice and being nominated for business awards. This will help you and your company gain recognition and give you a chance to leverage such honors when competing against other companies.

Cultivate a Variety of Mentors

Remind yourself that you are not alone in your business venture. It's extremely beneficial to have a network of people you can rely on for different advice. Whether it's a current or former boss, your college professors or even an executive coach, there will always be people ready to help you grow your business. Connecting with other experienced people or experts will be hugely helpful for future reference and will also help you make smarter business decisions.

Opening your own business is a huge undertaking and also one of your biggest achievements. By trying these strategies above you'll see how far you and your business can really go. There is nothing more exciting than working hard to realize your true potential. Finally, don't forget to not only achieve your personal goals, but to also help empower other women. After all, it's the only way women can work together to continue breaking the glass ceiling.