If you had to distill your best business advice for new entrepreneurs into just seven words, what would they be? We asked Inc. readers this question, and you rose to the challenge, offering up wisdom on hustling, patience, leadership, and more.

Here's some of the amazing--and amazingly concise--advice you gave us.

On persevering: 

"Don't give up. Be patient. Have faith." -- Clutched & Covered ‏(@ClutchedCovered)

"Never underestimate the power of being persistent." -- Naehas (‏@NaehasInc)

"Work hard and lead from the front!" -- Prestige Marketing ‏(@PrestigeMarketP)

On taking action:

"Do the next right thing. Forward Motion." -- BreezyHillMarketing ‏(@BreezyHillMktg)

"Don't wait to do it. Do now." -- Stig ‏(@StigTheRealist)

"Do not get comfortable, hustle all time." -- Pablo Salmon (‏@PabloSalmon01)

On business:

"Build great product, make it look nice." -- Eamon Jubbawy ‏(@eamonjubbawy)

"Have a monopoly on what you make." -- Patrick McFadden (‏@mcfaddenteaches)

"You're going to need a good lawyer." -- ChantielleMacFarlane ‏(@CIKMarketing)

And on breaking the rules... by not abiding to our seven-word rule:

"Focus on follower-ship, build great team." -- Arash Shirazi ‏(@arashshirazi)

"Plan for the worst. Hope for the best." -- Rob Hayes ‏(@AcuityInfo)

"Understand your customer, do your research." -- Amber Craig (‏@AmberCraig_)

What's your best piece of seven-word wisdom? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter with the hashtag #sevenwordadvice!