You need a lot of good habits to successfully build a company. But admit it: you've probably developed a bad habit or two along the way. We asked Inc. readers to spill their worst business behaviors (and how they're trying to correct them).

The biggest problem people confessed to? Trouble staying focused.

"...lack of morning focus! Always scattered. Trying to organize the morning better and seriously prioritize!" -- @rcsolak

"Bad habit: allowing the URGENT (and sometimes the TRIVIAL, such as an email with its hair on fire) to block out the IMPORTANT" -- @KevinLMK

"Taking on too many projects at I set a goal to work on high priority ones for >= 3 Hr per day." -- @BrentBrewington

If those sound like you, there are plenty of tricks for improving your focus. "Project management blackbelt" Tony Wong lays out the 7 things highly productive people do, like cutting out multi-tasking and working in 60- to 90-minute intervals. 14 founders shared their own secrets, including whiteboards, playlists, and walks. And if you're really struggling to focus, you may want to look at your diet: nutritionist Barbara Mendez suggests committing to breakfast, avoiding sugar, and always pairing coffee with food.

Some other bad habits readers mentioned were:

And in the "most ironic" (or honest) category, several people confessed to Tweeting during meetings. On this one, there are two easy fixes. First, cut the multitasking, which studies have found makes you worse at switching among tasks. Then consider shorter, more focused meetings for your company.

Did this list miss any habits you're trying to break? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #BadBusinessHabit.