How do you identify kids who will grow up to be entrepreneurs? Easy: They're the ones selling marked-up candy in school.

But that's not the only thing you were selling before you could drive. Earthworms, golf balls, mistletoe, flower seeds, hamsters, handmade bracelets, rocks, hazelnuts, grapes, and hand-drawn comics. In a striking number of cases, your ur-businesses were driven by a basic human urge: the need for ice cream money.

Here’s more of we found out when we asked our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn followers about their first businesses:

Some of you figured out the market quickly.


Others struggled with basic business concepts.


 Some of you took less savory paths.


And your parents supported your ventures …


… well, mostly.

Didn’t get a chance to tell us about your first business yesterday? Leave your story in the comments!

Published on: Jul 24, 2013