Office holiday parties can feel lame or even scandalous (check out these cringe-worthy examples), but you can still have fun. In the spirit of Dysfunctional Family Bingo that many people play at Thanksgiving or other family gatherings, why not play a game of Dysfunctional Office Holiday Party Bingo with your friends who work at other offices?

Download a BINGO card template here, and then write these common behaviors into the boxes. See how many antics your coworkers unknowingly do--don't do these behaviors yourself!--and the winner gets bragging rights (or condolences).

1. Long-winded speech by the boss

2. Brown-nosing coworker

3. Coworker with mistletoe

4. Married coworker with mistletoe

5. Coworker talking trash bad about the company

6. Coworkers kissing in the corner

7. Someone in a Santa costume

8. Drunk coworker

9. Bragging coworker

10. Credit-stealing coworker

11. Someone crying in the bathroom

12. Inappropriate clothing

13. Coworker caught in snooping

14. Inappropriate gift exchange

15. Ugly sweater

16. Sexy elf costume

17. Coworker who falls

18. Coworker requiring a trip to the ER

19. Political rant

20. Gossiping coworker

21. Coworker dropping F-bombs

22. Coworker glued to his/her phone

24. Boss who leaves early

25.  Free Space