Launching your own business is tough enough. But trying to fit that business into evenings or weekends after working a full day at your nine to five can be downright exhausting.

It's easy to become disenchanted with your dream when you have no time for a social life or 12-hour work days sap the energy you need to build your biz. When you're working a side hustle on top of a day job, burnout is almost inevitable. But if you know how to work smarter -- not harder -- you can keep your side gig chugging along, even around the most demanding day job.

Here are five ways to make that happen:

1. Use passion to prevent burnout.

Select a side gig that aligns with your passions and skills. If you love to write, start a blog. Great at design? Launch a fledging website design shop. When you invest in projects that you actually love, your side hustle can turn into a sustainable commitment that doesn't feel like work.

2. Work during your most productive times.

Be in control of the hours you spend working on your dreams instead of cramming it in to fit around your day job. Does your job offer flex time? Go into the office a little later if you're a morning person. Take a long lunch and work on your side gig in the early afternoons.

3. Change the comparison game.

As the old adage goes, "Comparison is the thief of joy." There are few things that burn us out faster than comparing our budding business to other entrepreneurs that we know.

The stress of seeing how we match up to others -- or don't -- can tear us down.

Stop comparing yourself to other people. Instead, use them as motivation. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is your side gig.

4. Avoid overlaps between gigs.

A good side hustle should have little overlap with your day job. Choose a side gig that uses different skill sets and brainpower than your main job. For example, if you have a sedentary desk job by day, maybe a physically active side hustle like teaching yoga could be ideal for you. If you work in solitude, you may want to enjoy a more social side hustle like driving for a rideshare service.

5. Keep it manageable.

When you're your own boss, the work never seems to end. There will always be something to do to make your side hustle stronger, but don't let it take over your life.

Set aside small junks of time to work on your side gig, like an hour in the evenings or three hours on a Saturday.

Remember, side hustle burnout can happen. But with passion and proper time management, you can avoid the breakdown and build your empire.