With the launch of the Apple Watch, the already-booming industry of wearable technology is undoubtedly set to hit record numbers in the coming months. But what does it mean for content marketers? Let's take a look at a few considerations on how marketers can integrate wearable into a larger strategy as adoption rates increase.

PROVIDE CONTEXT + CONVENIENCE: Wearables are the perfect marriage of utility, proximity and information, but like mobile, have the danger of overloading consumers with unnecessary messages (Hey, there's a reason this parody video of Google Glass was made). A better move is taking a cue from Trulia, which developed an app that allowed Glass users to see nearby properties that matched their search parameters, delivering a quick photo tour and agents' contact info. Smart wearable content marketing is about delivering the right kind of content when and where users need it most.

THINK SMALLER: Wearables only show a very limited character count, so content marketers will need to find new ways of making their messages even shorter and sweeter. We all know the benefits of integrating more visuals in content, but tech like smart watches will rely heavily on abbreviated messaging, challenging marketers to rethink content delivery entirely. Blog posts, emails and news will need to evolve as adoption rates increase.

BE PREDICTIVE: Just shifting push notifications from one screen to another isn't enough. More data means that marketers will be able to anticipate users next move before it happens. Whether you're a fitness brand delivering tips on how to make the most of workouts or an entertainment brand delivering a short movie to a delayed traveler, brands that make life easier and offer hyper-personalized messaging will come out as frontrunners.

Wearable technology still feels pretty sci fi and their audience is currently still small. Figuring out an approach now will allow marketers and brands to dabble comfortably in the space to get more insight on consumers' expectations and optimize future campaigns.