Despite a persistent dream to start a business, many people never see the opportunity to take it from fantasy to reality. What stops them? A lack of tangible resources like time and money are key stumbling blocks in the entrepreneurship game.

But for the vast majority, it's a debilitating fear that launching a business is just too big of a project to take on. Fear not! In today's technologically advanced world, it's never been easier to start your own business and see it grow. And many can even be started in lightning speed.

Do you have a pressing desire to start a business, but can't figure out what to pursue and how to do it? Narrow down your choices and get up and running in as little as a day with an arsenal of tools available to attract new customers. Get started with these 10 types of businesses you can launch in just 24-hours.

1. Lawn Care

Not everyone sits in their cubicle and dreaming about Saturday mornings filled with tossing glass clippings across their yard or planting those new azaleas. People are willing to pay big to hand over the work for someone else to do it. It's also easy to turn first time customers into loyal ones by adding on additional services like tree stump removal, shed cleaning and snow shoveling when yards disappear under a blanket of snow.

2. Catering

It's one thing to cook for fun, it's another to do it when the pressure mounts. Handling dinner party RSVP's and making sure everything is in order for hungry guests to enjoy themselves is stressful enough. Whether it's a family birthday party of office gathering, there's always a need for great food. Get up and running with a simple website to launch your new idea. Next, become a member of a community like Thumbtack to get clients sent directly to you.

3. Website Developer

Every business needs online assets and a website in today's digital age. Whether you're self-taught or have a degree in design, you've got endless options to kickstart your new career. No one really cares if you have an education to back-up your IT experience. They just want a great looking, functional website offering a smooth user experience. Get your name out there by your portfolio on Sortfolio and start bringing in the clients.

4. Online Retail

Every year, more and more people choose to shop online instead of making a trip to a brick-and-mortar store. For new business owners, the online shopping revolution serves as a big advantage. Set up an ecommerce store all for the cost of a domain name, hosting fees, and payment processor. You'll get up and running fast and save a bundle on renting out a building and dealing with overhead costs like inventory storage and utility bills.

5. Freelancer

Are you gifted in writing, editing, or graphic design? These are just a few of the many different skills people are willing to pay for. Join Freelance, UpWork, or search job boards to find endless work available for professional, quality freelancers.

6. Photography

Snap photos and capture the moment whether you're taking portraits, lifestyle shots or building up a thriving stock photography career. The demand for photography is high if you can set yourself apart with a unique niche like images for start-ups. Get started with a simple website template like Wix and get started in about an hour.

7. Car Detailing

No one likes driving around in a dirty car, but taking the time to vacuum out your car and minding the little details isn't a big priority for most people. Creating a website with quality photos to showcase your work and seeking out word-of-mouth referrals can bring in clients from day one.

8. Tutoring

With more people going back to school than ever before, there is an abundance of students in your community struggling in a subject you thrive in. Take a few hours to visit local colleges and universities and distribute flyers, volunteer at an on-campus learning center and drum up some business. Similar to Thumbtack, WyzAnt focuses on connecting students with tutors.

9. Consulting

There are consultants for everything you can think of, from general business to interior decorating. Pinpoint your skills, passion and experience and develop a compelling core offer that helps people push through their obstacles. Market your services through local speaking events or drum up work from previous clients to land work.

10. Bookkeeping and Accounting

Bookkeeping and accounting is a recession-proof business that will always be in demand. Business owners don't have the time or desire to deal with their expense receipts, budgets and cash flow. Attract a loyal legion of clients with your valuable insights on bookkeeping and accounting. Develop an offer that organizes your clients books and keeps their cash flow in check.

Starting Your New Company

Of course, it should go without saying that, for most of these businesses, you'll need to have at least some prior experience in the field. After all, you can't just launch a bookkeeping business if you don't know the first thing about accounts receivables and payables!

The business you choose to start should be based on your professional strengths; if not the ones you have now, then the ones you'll develop before going to work for yourself. No matter where your skills lie, make sure you've got all of the following bases covered before launching your new enterprise:

See if your city requires any kind of licensing for the kind of business you want to run.
Follow your city or state's registration requirements.
Get your name out there.

Certainly, it's going to take more than one day for your business to really take off. But once you've got the administrative side of things taken care of, you're free to focus on your new company's marketing efforts until you've got more clients than you ever dreamed of.

What business can see yourself starting in by tomorrow night? Share your thoughts in the comments below: