Blogging for business isn’t about simply putting words on a page and hitting publish week after week. To attract prospects, gain trust, and ultimately convert new customers, you have to be willing and able to do more--more to listen, more to help, and more to position yourself as a genuinely useful source and authority on a particular subject.

It’s about quality over quantity. If you want to see any sort of ROI from your efforts, you need better content, better ideas, better data, and better strategy than your competitors.

Recently, my good friend Brian Dean and I were talking about how to develop “viral” content. As you might know, Brian is a leading SEO expert who constantly pumps out insanely valuable content on all things SEO. He recently created a great resource about viral content. I also recently published a blog post where I shared some of my own tips and tricks on the subject.

We decided to put our heads and ideas together and develop an infographic that outlines our top 5 recommendations for improving your blog posts and taking your content to “viral status.”

Take a look:

This infographic was created by Brian Dean & Sujan Patel. Brian Dean is one of the world’s most sought-after SEO experts and the founder of the popular blog, Backlinko. Sujan is the founder of and co-author of two recently launched books.