To build a successful business today, you have to gain the trust of your online community--your followers, your current customers, and the prospects who land on your site. You can build trust in a number of ways, such as publishing original, helpful content on your blog, being transparent with your data, recording videos that help people get to know you and your employees--there are a lot of effective tactics you can try.

One of the tactics that I've found to be most effective in building trust is by investing in influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing might sound intimidating, but it's actually fairly straight-forward--it's simply the idea that you can build additional trust by building and nurturing relationships with other well-known people online who have ideas or products that align closely with your own.

The the following infographic was created by Venngage using content from a recent blog post I published about influencer marketing.

In it, you'll read through 10 essential strategies for getting influencer marketing right. These are the exact tips that I've used to help hundreds of businesses gain more exposure and connect with more prospects online. I've even used these strategies to grow my own companies.

Here are the 10 tips for building an effective influencer marketing strategy for your business: