Being a manager within a startup often means feeling unappreciated. CEOs are the idea guys - you're the glue holding everything together while translating their visions into executable actions.

These blogs have your back, and they're packed full of great advice on everything from running an entrepreneurial venture, to managing employees and more.

1. Work Awesome

Work Awesome operates with the simple tagline: "Work better. Live better." The site describes itself as "a blog for people who want to be awesome at work, and for people who want to be awesome at what they're passionate about. We share useful articles about starting things, completing things, and trying new things - and being 'awesomely productive' when doing so."

You'll find all that and more, with articles on business, management, office life, work / life balance and "your job."

2. is the personal blog of Joel Gascoigne, CEO and co-founder of Buffer. The Buffer blog is well-known for its in-depth posts, and Gascoigne carries that same commitment to great content over to his personal site. focuses on the lessons Gascoigne has learned in his startup journey, making it required reading for managers who want to better understand the inner workings of a successful startup.

3. OpenView Labs

OpenView Labs is a community-run site, so some of the sales, marketing and other specialized articles won't suit your needs as a manager. However, the site's HR content is not to be missed.

As an example, check out author Sarah Duffy's "The Ultimate Talent and Hiring Resources Guide" for battle-tested startup recruitment and management strategies.

4. Intercom

Intercom's blog is the first corporate-run site on my list, but it's a fantastic resource, whether or not you use the company's customer communication suite.

In particular, check out the Intercom blog if you manage a customer support team; the company's focus on customer success gives it plenty of unique insight into the way these groups should be managed.

5. Startup Professionals Musings

It's not winning any design awards, but the Startup Professionals blog holds its own when it comes to quality content.

Not only is it a useful resource for understanding the challenges your founder is facing, but CEO & Founder Martin Zwilling also spends a great deal of time covering what makes startup business teams work - a vital subject for any startup manager.

6. Freshbooks

As with Intercom's blog, it doesn't matter if you use Freshbooks or another accounting suite; you'll find value on its company blog.

Though many of the site's articles cater to solo entrepreneurs and freelancers, take a look at articles found in the "Growing a Business" section for important considerations on how small startups can be managed effectively as they scale.

7. Clarity is a site made up of business experts who are willing to share their advice with callers (I'm one of them!). And because the nature of the professionals found there is so broad, the site's blog is similarly wide-ranging.

In addition to finding articles on recruiting and managing talent within startups, you'll find great productivity advice that'll help founders and managers alike get more done on the job.

8. Mixergy

Technically a podcast platform, not a blog, Mixergy is a can't-miss. Though it now contains paid training courses and other products, the foundation of the site is the extensive series of interviews it's carried out with big-name entrepreneurs.

Do a little digging. You're sure to find an interview subject whose contributions you can learn from.

9. Girls in Tech

The Girls in Tech blog is a public extension of the global non-profit of the same name, founded by Adriana Gascoigne. While many of the blog's posts feature updates on the organization's efforts, others provide valuable insight to those managing teams of men and women within the tech world.

10. Coelevate

Coelevate founder Brian Balfour doesn't blog; he writes essays. Searching through his published works, you'll find expert insight on everything from customer acquisition and activation, to growth strategy and process, to personal growth.

While the articles may not all directly relate to your needs as a startup manager, you'll find them invaluable for understanding how the team you run contributes to your company's overall mission.

11. Techcrunch

Techcrunch covers everything startup-related. Sure, you might have to weed through a few entries on the latest thing Mark Zuckerberg said or governmental updates that could affect entrepreneurs, but once you do, you'll find articles on startup management tools, best management practices and more.

12. Startup Management

Don't get too excited - the Startup Management blog isn't exclusively made up of tips and advice for startup managers.

Instead, there's information for startup employees at every level to benefit from, though managers will find a wealth of targeted information by navigating over to the dedicated "Management" section. Then, use the "Library Topics" cloud tag chart to hone in on the area that's most relevant to your needs.

13. Successful Startup 101

In the same vein as Startup Management, Successful Startup 101 offers comprehensive guidance on running an entrepreneurial venture.

Here, again, you'll find a dedicated "Management" section, helpfully broken down by category. To see some of my favorite resources from publisher Tabitha Jean Naylor, check out "7 Secrets to Retaining Your Best Employees" and "Building Company Culture (On a Budget)."

14. 500 Startups

500 Startups is run by a team that's invested in over 500 companies (to date, the real number is over 1,600). You can bet that, after having their hands in so many different organizations, this team delivers when it comes to insider insight on what makes a startup work.

My tip? If you're a startup manager, skip the general blog feed. Click on "Tips and Trends" for information that's more likely to be relevant to your needs.

15. Startup Nation

Startup Nation's tagline reads "Everything you need to build your business," but don't assume this site is only applicable to founders. Inside the site's dedicated "Manage Your Business" section, you'll find well-researched articles on finance, management/operations, analytics/performance, team motivation, strategy and startup culture.

Certainly, these aren't the only worthwhile reads for startup managers. If you've got another blog to add to this list, leave me a note in the comments below: