One key characteristic of good entrepreneurs is they spend a lot of time on their own personal development and education. There is no shortage of blogs, Twitter feeds and podcasts where entrepreneurs can spend endless amounts of time. What should entrepreneurs read during their "down time"? 

As a recovering CEO and current Inc. columnist, I decided to consolidate a short list for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs alike to check out. Please note that there is a heavy bias toward tech in my list since I am a Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur. 

Without further ado, here is the list:

Techmeme: Techmeme is the starting point of the day for just about every tech entrepreneur I know. Techmeme is effectively the "front page" of tech and tracks the latest news (that you should care about) for the industry.

One funny anecdote - I once knew an entrepreneur who started a company and had an investor meeting - he was quizzed about an acquisition that happened the morning of his investor pitch, but could not check Techmeme because he had no Internet service in the BART.

It did not work out in his favor, but had he been able to check Techmeme that morning the outcome could have been different. 

Strictly VC: Connie Loizos is the Silicon Valley Editor of TechCrunch, and Srictly VC is her blog. Loizos' blog is full of interesting interviews with investors, entrepreneurs and observations about the industry in general. Loizos has a great interview with Jeremy Liew (a seed investor in Snapchat),  which she posted here

Andrew Chen's Blog: Andrew Chen is currently on the growth team at Uber. He is also a brilliant marketer, and has written hundreds of must-read essays on his personal blog (and for the New York Times, amongst others). Andrew's piece on how to start a professional blog is worth a good Sunday morning read. 

Paul Graham's Essays: Paul Graham is the undeniably brilliant and sometimes controversial co-founder of Y-Combinator. His essays give us a glimpse into current Silicon Valley life, and in many cases what the future holds. Graham is a hero in the tech community, and can often be spotted in the comments section of Hacker News