Recruiting top talent for any company is difficult and time consuming. There is a plethora of tech companies attempting to solve the problem, but which tools will save you time? And are there any tech tools that will help you avoid using recruiters? Below is a list for your consideration based on products I have actually tried and loved.

Hired:  Hired is one of the fastest growing companies in the recruiting space and in Silicon Valley for a reason. Hired helps companies source talent through an interesting model - candidates place themselves "up for bid." Through a refreshingly transparent process, companies bid to hire the employee. The company and the candidate, after the bidding process, go through a normal interview process once finer points like salary and equity are agreed upon (Disclosure: I am a small equity holder in Hired).

Recruit Loop:  Recruit Loop has modified the recruiting business model to be more employer-favorable. Rather than be out tens of thousands of dollars for individual hires, Recruit Loop charges its recruiters by the hour. The differentiator: very smart recruiters who actually look for specific profiles you suggest before proceeding with a search.

Entelo:  Entelo, which just recently raised its series B, helps inside recruiters find great candidates using data. Leveraging a wide array of sources, Entelo helps recruiters identify candidates early in the process to know where to target your efforts. Entelo also integrates with existing Applicant Tracking Systems to work seamlessly inside of organizations.

AngelList:  AngelList is widely thought of as a fundraising tool, but has quietly entered the recruiting space with "A-List" in recent months. A-List has a large pool of talent as a byproduct of the fundraising and entrepreneur community it grew over the years.

Simppler:  Simppler is a new tool that allows companies to effectively leverage its employees to find great referral candidates. Simppler's tool is extremely effective at mid-to-large size companies where the potential referral pool is gigantic (Disclosure: I am an advisor to Simppler).

There are plenty of great tools out there for companies to use to make the recruiting process cheaper and easier - use one of the above today to get a fast start on your next hire.