Despite the talk of doom and gloom in the Valley, there is plenty of money going into great companies.

Many  early stage deals are still getting done by savvy investors who see opportunity in the right spaces. So who should entrepreneurs go to to seek seed funding?

The list below is by no means comprehensive, but highlights some firms that are especially active, and have great deals they funded in early stages.

The list was compiled based on primary research through talking directly to five Silicon Valley based entrepreneurs who raised seed financing and five Silicon Valley based venture capitalists. 

Disclosure: Silicon Valley is a small world, so I do own equity in some of the companies that these firms also hold equity in. I also currently work for a Social Capital company.

Here's the list:

Felicis Ventures: Felicis, a fund started by former Googler Aydin Senkut, is a multi-stage fund that has experienced a disproportionate amount of success in its short life. Success stories include: Fitbit, Dollar Shave Club, Shopify.

First Round Capital: Considered by by many to be the top seed stage fund in the valley, entrepreneurs who get funded by First Round sing their praises and swear by them. Success stories include: Uber, Square, Warby Parker.

Y Combinator: All Y Combinator does is generate success stories. The pre-eminent startup incubator, YC has managed to stay relevant for a decade. Success Stories include: Airbnb, Gusto, Dropbox.

Founders Fund: The Founders Fund portfolio is out of a Silicon Valley storybook and contains multiple companies that you've heard of. Peter Thiel may be making news in politics, but he should be known for being one of the best investors of his generation. Success Stories Include: Palantir, SpaceX, Facebook.

Homebrew: Run by former operators Hunter Walk and Satya Patel, Homebrew has already developed a great reputation in the entrepreneur and investment community alike. Success Stories include: Shyp ,The Skimm

Softech VC: One of the first investors to the early stage game, Softech continues to thrive and raise new funds. Softech recently raised a new fund, and will deploy over multiple stages. Success Stories Include: Fitbit, Wildfire.

Greylock: The Greylock brand carries a lot of weight with entrepreneurs - Greylock invests at different stages and has an impeccable reputation. Success Stories Include: Airbnb, LinkedIn, Workday.

Andreesen Horowitz: Another firm known to be extremely entrepreneur-friendly, A16Z invests at multiple stages. Every entrepreneur reads "The Hard Thing about Hard Things" at some point in their journey. Success Stories Include: Aibnb, Box, Lyft.  

NFX Guild: Run by valley legends James Currier, Stan Chudnovsky and Gigi Levy-Weiss, NFX demo days are attended by all of the top investors in the Silicon Valley. Success Stories include: Honeybook, Honor.

Floodgate: Mike Maples has been on more "top investor lists" than you can possibly count, and with good reason. Floodgate has managed to invest in some of the best companies in recent years including several household names. Success Stories Include: Twitter, Lyft, Chegg.

Lowercase Capital: Lowercase Captial, founded by the always controversial and always entertaining Chris Sacca, has invested (across multiple stages) in several of the top tech companies of the generation. Success Stories Include: Twitter, Twilio, Open DNS.

SV Angel: SV Angel, founded by the iconic and controversial Ron Conway, is the fundamental part of any list like this. SV Angel's investments read like an IPO Ticker. Success Stories Include: Twilio, Twitter, Groupon.  

Social Capital: Social Capital is a multi-stage fund run by former Facebook exec Chamath Palihapitiya. Social Capital is relatively new, but has already cemented its status as one of the best funds in Venture Capital. Success Stories Include: Box, Slack, Yammer.