The traditional view of an entrepreneur is of an individual who eats and drinks the energy of crowds, an inspiring, articulate ball of unreserved innovation who feels completely at home wrapped in attention. These types of business creators do exist, but introverted entrepreneurs are just as--if not more--common. They have specific traits and even scientific-based biological evidence that lead to fairly predictable success.

Here's a few traits that make introverted entrepreneurs crazy successful:

Passion for the Concept, Not for Self

Introverted entrepreneurs typically aren't out to steal the spotlight. Subsequently, they're highly adept at stepping aside and selling their concept for what it is. Rather than touting their own expertise or personality, they bring potential partners and investors an in-depth, logical analysis of why the idea makes sense, letting their passion for the company shine through in detail and perseverance. Additionally, they are more than willing to let other experts speak on their behalf for a stronger presentation, which gives the impression of a solid business network and cooperative nature.

Driven by an Internal Compass

Even though internal extroverts appreciate feedback and consider it seriously, they rely more on their own gut and analysis to make decisions. They don't take criticism or setbacks personally, and they don't rush into final calls. In the business world, that translates to the ability to go against the grain and persist with a concept they really believe in regardless of external pressures. Once they have their company going, introvert entrepreneurs turn to this trait to stay true to their original vision and brand, even as they adapt to the market.

Adept Listeners

Individuals who always want to be the life of the party and who feel energized by others often are so busy delivering information or subconsciously "performing" that they forget to pause and listen to what others might have to say. Introvert entrepreneurs, by contrast, are natural listeners. They don't assume anything, and they take the time to process what's been said carefully. When they respond, their answers or questions are very focused, and they often make connections that others might not have been able to see. This way of communicating not only can lead to "aha" moments critical for business, but also provide a fabulous foundation for the personal relationships necessary for good entrepreneurial support.

Keen Observers

Introvert entrepreneurs look not to throw out information, but rather to collect it. Thus, they take in facts about what's around them. For instance, they easily might pick up on the fact that another person looks stressed out or that the formatting on a document is off. As a consequence, they can respond well to other's needs. They also can catch mistakes or put in details that make a difference to business partners, investors or employees. Furthermore, their combination of observation and constant analysis means they understand from experience that first impressions are often deceiving. They're willing to look beyond face value, and their standards tend to be impressively high.

Strong Inner Dialogue

Just because introvert entrepreneurs tend to be on the quiet side doesn't mean their brains are turned off. In fact, they're buzzing with possibilities, thinking through a host of possible scenarios without relying on external stimulation. They worry more about the outcome of this brainstorming than what other people are going to think, so they're able to push boundaries without getting stuck in the fear of rejection. Once they've settled on a path or solution they like or think will work, they're usually able to present a highly detailed version of it to the world.

Calm Demeanor

Make no mistake--introvert entrepreneurs can feel anxious, furious or ridiculously depressed, just like anybody else. Nevertheless, most introvert entrepreneurs are data seekers and analyzers by nature. Therefore, they let logic and reason temper their initial reactions. They can stay calm even in stressful situations, and they usually come across to others as having good self-confidence. The ability to hold onto serenity and remain self-assured provides excellent stability for others who might look to the introvert entrepreneur for guidance.

Devout Loyalty

For most introverts, quality matters much more than quantity. This rule applies to relationships, with introverts typically preferring good, intimate one-on-one conversation to crowds. When introvert entrepreneurs network, they might not form as many connections, but the ones they do form have incredible potential because the level of trust in those connections is so high. Most people love to work with introvert entrepreneurs because of their fierce loyalty and reliability.

Although the tendency is to see successful entrepreneurs as extroverts, the reality is that thousands of introverts have done incredibly well in the business world, too. In fact, introvert entrepreneurs have distinct traits that set them apart from the pack.