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00:09 Susan Leger Ferraro: My third and last lesson is always remember to play. Right? When you were little you couldn't wait to grow up and put on a suit and go to work and have fun. What the hell happened, right? And I've worked with kids for over 30 years and I've watched how fantastic they are and how much that they stay in their magic. Einstein tells us, "everything's a miracle or nothing's a miracle." Everything or nothing. So, I say everything is a miracle. We model that for the people that we work with and it's absolutely amazing that when you do it, it turns people on. Steve Jobs tells us, "Keep turned on and turned up". You do that by staying in spirit. The word "in spirit" comes from the Latin word "inspired." I've heard every single speaker here talk about being inspired. That's being in your spirit, knowing yourself and staying playful.

01:05 Ferraro: Speaking your truth is another principle that we use all the time in our world, and I tell you this because I say to people, "We ruin our children." You watch kids that are two, three, four, five years old, they tell you just like it is. The adults, we impose this on them that they're not comfortable asking that question anymore; asking questions to be curious, inquisitive, and authentic. You know that four year old kid that's like, "Why dad, why mom, why this, why that, why that?" And eventually, what do we say to them? "Because I said so". What that teaches kids is that it is not socially acceptable to ask questions. It shuts us down from asking why because we look at mom and we go, "Oh, mom didn't like that. I'm not gonna do that anymore."

01:53 Ferraro: And so, the adults grow up and stop asking the questions. That doesn't keep us to speak our truth. I had an experience one time when I was a young entrepreneur. I was in my early thirties and I was just going through a divorce as well. And my two kids, Nicholas and Anthony at the time, we were getting ready to go to school. And we had these two great dogs, big Akitas, 125 lbs., Mitsubishi and Cricket. And Mitsu liked to go out and play with the other girl puppies. And he was out one morning, he had escaped and took off and he got skunked. That was one of the biggest days in my career. I had corporate partners that were coming into my school and I had to tour them all over the place. And, like I said, we had raised a significant amount of money, 24 million dollars in funds like this, and so it was a big day for me.

02:39 Ferraro: I said to all of them, Nicholas and Anthony, "Get dressed, wash up, we're going to school." And my son, Anthony's telling me, "Mom, I smell like a skunk." I'm like, "It's going to be fine, you're going to school." So, I send Nicholas and Anthony to school, I go to work. I get in there, my friend Maureen who was running the school that I worked with for a couple of years now, we're all excited, we do our corporate sponsorship tours, we're going around the school, everything was fabulous, it was a great day. It's now after nap time, and I had a practice of going into the classrooms afterwards and saying hi to the other kids and the teachers. And this one girl, Mikaela, who had been with us since she was a toddler came running up to me and gave me a big hug, "Hi, Susan!". And she jumps back and she's like, "Oh, my God, you smell like a skunk!" And I looked at my friend, Maureen, and I'm like, "What!" And she goes, "I didn't know how to tell you!" And I was like, "Oh, my God!" And in that moment I knew, that girl did not know how to tell me that, "I cannot tell you that you smell like a skunk because I'm gonna hurt your feelings," but the five year old told me. And I knew then something was wrong with this picture, and we had to figure out how to speak our truths.

03:40 Ferraro: And so, me and Mo had a good talk after that and she now tells me all those kinds of good things. So, I applaud you to stay in your spirit and to stay inspired. I don't know if any of you have seen this picture of these toddlers in an airport. And it went viral because, see the people taking pictures around it? They were walking through the airport, they didn't know each other and they started hugging. And everybody was just so enthralled with it that they stopped and took pictures. And so, I decided to do my own science project and I walked up to this very interesting man in the Boston Logan Airport, and he wouldn't let me hug him, but I did take a picture with him. So, as you leave here and continue to play, I would like you to really grasp the expression of these toddlers, of connection, of love, of belonging and stand up... Stand up everyone and find someone to hug.


04:32 Ferraro: I know, I know. It's tough, it's weird, you men, you women, just do it! I promise you, it changes everything, everything! Share love, my friends. Thank you so much.