Lots of people want to work at home but feel like the only jobs available are low level or intensely dull and boring. FlexJobs searched through their records and came out with 10 jobs that are 100 percent telecommuting positions that sound awesome.

1. Marine and Offshore Travel Consultant

Job categories: customer service, military, travel and hospitality. This great virtual opportunity involves managing travel arrangements for marine and offshore clients on an alternative schedule. You'll need extensive experience handling international and domestic travel routes for corporate clients, and knowledge of marine contracts.

2. Account Executive

Job categories: account management, client services, bilingual sales. The employer is seeking a bilingual Spanish speaker with polished communication skills to manage inbound and outbound prospects and schedule presentations. You'll need at least three years of proven sales experience.

3. Foreign Language Legal Researcher

Job categories: bilingual, legal, research. The employer is seeking a candidate bilingual in both English and Italian to evaluate regulations, update database information, monitor industry developments, and perform research. Legal experience is desirable for this remote job.

4. Senior Threat Researcher

Job categories: software development. If you're skilled in reverse engineering, understand "exploit and attack development," and are highly capable of rooting out anomalies to uncover new cyberthreats, this is a great opportunity. You'll need a thorough understanding of potential threats against Windows, OSX, and Linux systems.

5. DevOps Engineer

Job categories: engineering, software development. You'll be responsible for back-end infrastructure, scaling the company's architecture to meet growth demands, and tracking tools that monitor performance. It's helpful to be fluent in at least one high-level programming language.

6. Events Manager

Job categories: communications, event planning, nonprofit, sports and fitness. This work-from-anywhere job requires managing budgets, handling logistical and other event planning activities, recruiting and managing volunteers, and assisting with marketing and PR efforts. At least three years' event planning experience is needed.

7. Speech Language Pathologist

Job categories: online teaching, therapy, K-12. Duties for this virtual job involve providing speech therapy to students through the employer's K-12 educational system. A master's degree in speech language pathology is required, as well as a national certificate of clinical competence.

8. Head of Design

Job categories: graphic design, web design. The successful candidate will lead the employer's product and marketing design functions, and oversee a team of designers in a collaborative, productive atmosphere. Qualifications include at least five years of proven, successful experience as a product designer.

9. Nurse Advice Line Triage Registered Nurse

Job categories: inbound call, medical and health, nursing. An RN license is required, as well as at least three years of recent nursing experience in clinical direct acute patient care in an emergency room or ICU, or as a floor nurse. The successful candidate will provide care to defined populations and patients via the phone.

10. Product Manager

Job categories: computer and IT, product management. You'll need a background in information security and the security services industries and at least three years of experience in product management for this position. Responsibilities include driving and supporting service improvements for the employer.

If you like working from home (even with your pajamas on, although if you have video conferencing, I highly recommend pants), you may want to look into these positions. Additionally, if you like your current job but would prefer to work at home, you can certainly use this list to demonstrate to your boss that just about anything can be done at home.