Do you need a new job? Can't take one more day with your horrible boss and whiny co-workers, but you can't find a single job available? Well, you're not looking at the right thing. If you're working in one of these fields, there's definitely something available for you. If you aren't in these fields and are having trouble finding something new, maybe it's time for a switch. Why not use LinkedIn for your job searchHere are the top 15 jobs recruiters are looking to fill, according to LinkedIn's job listings.

Sales - 1M+ jobs

Operations - 700,000+ jobs

Engineering - 300,000+ jobs

Information Technology - 70,000+ jobs

Business Development - 100,000+ jobs

Marketing - 390,000+ jobs

Program & Project Management - 4,000+ jobs

Administrative - 250,000+ jobs

Finance - 170,000+ jobs

Product Management - 35,000+ jobs

Accounting - 160,000+ jobs

Human Resources - 100,000+ jobs

Quality Assurance - 80,000+ jobs

Support - 1M+ jobs

Consulting - 130,000+ jobs

Of course, all of this is rather generic. You might be a finance person, but that doesn't mean that there are 170,000 finance jobs that would work for you. And pay can range tremendously, of course. But nevertheless, this list shows that there are jobs available if you're looking in the right place.

But shouldn't I hold out for my dream job?

Maybe. Are you independently wealthy and just looking to fill time? Then hold out for your dream job. Otherwise, look for a good job where you can be relatively happy. Too often, people devote all their time and effort into finding the perfect job and when they finally get it, find out that it's not so perfect after all. What you want is a good job.

Can I make a career switch?

Career changing can be difficult but millions of people do it. Often, a great way to make a career switch is to try to do an internal transfer within your current company. Management already knows you are awesome, which makes convincing them that you are worth the risk is a worthwhile thing. If that's not possible, talk to some people in your proposed field and find out how your current skills can help in the new field. Find out your gaps and take a couple classes to help fill them in (online or in person).

Tweak your resume (and LinkedIn profile).

If you're looking for a new job make sure your resume and your LinkedIn profile fit the description of the job you are interested in. When I am looking for a new writing job, I don't spend a lot of time focusing on the fact that I can work miracles with Microsoft Access. If I was looking for an HR Information Systems job, you bet that skill would be highlighted.

If you're looking for a new job, hopefully, this list will send you looking in the right direction.