Friday, March 6, is Employee Appreciation Day. If your company hasn't already made plans to show your employees how much you appreciate them, check out what these companies are doing. Some are doing something special, but some just make sure to show appreciation all the time.

1. GuideSparkCEO Keith Kitani: "At GuideSpark, we show appreciation through a myriad of venues, including our weekly "wins meeting," where we celebrate the week's successes and employees recognize colleagues for a job well done. Showing appreciation for a fellow employee is an important part of our culture and builds a strong sense of community and engagement."

2. Logikcull, CEO Andy Wilson: "Startups are really friggin' hard. They don't succeed unless they have great people helping to build the startup into a thriving company. This means sacrifice. A weekend here, a late night there. It adds up. And it can be stressful, resulting in poor health. Now, gadgets won't solve your poor health, but they do help remind you to get up and move around. So, as part of Employee Appreciation Week, we're giving each of our employees a new Fitbit Charge to help remind them to stay healthy and active, especially during stressful times."

3., CEO Michael Reichartz: "We like to take advantage of being based in Las Vegas. Renting out cabanas for the team at Tao Beach and taking advantage of the amazing Las Vegas sunshine is a great way to relieve our employees' stress and continue to strengthen bonds between us, and get the weekend started off on a fun tone. Since Roomlia is in the business of offering hotel rooms, we would, of course, want our team to have access to stay in one of our properties for the evening. A hotel room also makes it a little easier to freshen up for dinner at any one of the great restaurants here in Vegas, before heading over to Marquee Nightclub to see who can stay out the latest (be it the business folks or the engineers). Saturday morning breakfast would likely be optional. But it's there. And we make sure that whatever we do is fun for anyone in the company, male or female, introverted or extroverted."

4., CEO Taylor Tyng: "Appreciating your employees needs to go beyond just having drinks with them (which we certainly do, such as a week ago when we blew past our February predictions), but each time something becomes regularly requested we make sure we're on it as quickly as possible. We've had a fair few employees asking for standing desks, though obviously not all of them, and as a result we're bringing in desks that can be adjusted for standing or sitting, meaning that employees can work however they feel like. Even if they get tired of standing. It's a small gesture, but one that shows we care not just about their work product but how they work in general."

5. Globoforce, CEO Eric Mosley: "Companies should look at Employee Appreciation Day like it's Valentine's Day, or Mother's or Father's Day. The sentiments we share and the way we make others feel on those days is how we should act every day. In the same way, Employee Appreciation Day is a reminder of how companies should treat their employees all year long. The energy and happier-than-usual mood that bringing in breakfast or hosting an awards ceremony creates in an office will certainly be palpable, yet this can be done throughout the year. If Employee Appreciation Day is the only day companies recognize or appreciate their employees' achievements, then they're missing a big opportunity to engage and keep them happy."

6. LaSalle Network, CEO Tom Gimbel: "We don't believe in celebrating employees on just one day, so we won't be doing anything special for Friday, in particular. We do random acts of appreciation throughout the year, like taking the whole company out for ice cream midday or bringing in McFlurrys for everyone in the office...we have breakfast catered every Friday, rebirthdays (celebrations on the anniversaries of hire dates), all the ladies receive flowers on Valentine's Day, parents receive letters on Mother's Day and Father's Day, and so much, the whole company is going to Miami for an all-expenses-paid trip in a month (revenue and nonrevenue producers) for hitting a sales goal."