While costumes and candy are the best parts of  Halloween, the spooky stories bring it all together. While lots of scary stories are fiction, sometimes what happens in an office brings whole new meaning to the term "ghosting."

Here are seven true stories about the spirits in the office, gathered from the Evil HR Lady Facebook group.

The pencil thief ghost

Aly works in a residential care facility where people pass to the other side all the time, but at least one former resident sticks around. She explains:

I'm pretty sure a spirit lives in my office and likes playing pranks on me. My favorite pen is constantly ending up in random places like on my bookshelf or inside a drawer I rarely open.

It also steals pencils from one of our residents who used to work for the company years ago, and comes into my office every day to chat. I'll watch her put her pencil in her bag, and 30 minutes later it's completely disappeared!

I'll hear disembodied voices coming from the empty storage room directly behind my office, which is locked so no one could get in there. And there are cold spots all over the building, usually near chairs, like a spirit is sitting there

The bathroom ghost

In Kelsey's office, the bathroom didn't always mean privacy, as people heard footsteps there all the time. She says:

At a place I worked for over three years, high-heeled sounding footsteps would be heard in the women's bathroom when there was no one there. When one of us was in there alone (it had five stalls), we could hear that, plus something rustling in the last stall like someone was in there. There were over 15 women in that office and almost all of us heard both of those things at some point. We even had a pest control guy come out apologizing to "whoever walked in behind him and ran out".... But it was only me and our receptionist there that day (Covid times) and we were sitting next to each other the whole time he was spraying.

The snack ghost

Jamie often worked alone late at night. Well, almost alone, given the snacking spirit co-worker.

I worked the night shift at a newer hotel for about a year, and every night I would find snacks from our "Suite Shop" (get it? Sweet Shop?) were on the floor. We reviewed the camera footage and items would flip over their baskets, just straight up hop off of shelves and fall to the floor. Even over the lip of the shelf. We'd have curtains that would open on their own in our penthouse suites. It was creepy. I hated delivering newspapers in the morning because of having to go to those suites while everyone was sleeping. You'd always hear noise in the empty room.

The printing, pants-pulling ghost

Dawn's office had a friendly ghost who liked to play with printers, but one day stepped it up and greeted a new employee:

Alone in the building, after hours, printers go off by themselves [and there are] strange sounds that you couldn't identify. These things happened frequently, but the most notable was when we were in the conference room in a meeting. One of the employees at the table was new, had been there just about a week. After the meeting, he told me that he was so freaked out and trying to "hold it together" because he didn't want to seem weird, but "someone or something was pulling on my pants leg under that table!" He said, "Do y'all know you have a ghost?" It was funny and creepy at the same time!

The ghost with soap preferences

Carolyn's ghost doesn't spook people -- it just leaves soap.

Someone is always leaving fancy bottles of soap in the bathroom. Everyone who was in this building when I started has left, and yet the fancy soap keeps appearing.

The charming ghost

Mary worked at an old inn, cleaning rooms, and sometimes she wasn't alone:

[The inn's] rooms were creepy anyway, but one time a rocking chair just started rocking by itself. I booked it out of there. When I told staff they admitted that guests frequently mentioned paranormal activity and ghosts but that was part of the "charm."

The pushy ghost

Jennifer is braver than the rest of us, who would be shaking in our boots.

I got shoved by something/someone invisible while working a graveyard shift, making security rounds at 3 a.m..... I wasn't scared, just caught off guard....

The real question is, with all these workplace ghosts -- are they bored because so many people are working from home now? Maybe it's the real reason people are hesitant to return to the office.