Yesterday, I wrote about ghosting at work and I got a tremendous response from readers about their own stories. Enjoy or be horrified, depending on what side of the interview table you're on. 

Donald: We had an HR manager scheduled to start in an Asian country. She did not show up the first day. Someone called to say she was seriously injured in an accident. We held her open position for a while waiting for her to heal and start. We later found out she had actually started a job somewhere else and didn't have the guts to say it.

Lora: At my current agency, I was conducting my 1st orientation as the new HR person. I'd been there for about a week. A critical staff member no-showed for orientation. Everyone lost their minds. She eventually (3 days later) returned my calls, saying she's found another position. I had a replacement for her within 2 weeks, but those two weeks without that position filled were a nightmare.

Rachel: Had a five hour interview the company knew I a still working and burned a half vacation day to interview. After straight up interrogating me after making me wait to start past our scheduled time, then they ran past my scheduled time, finally rush out of there to go to my job - no time to stop for lunch. Crickets. That was four weeks ago 

Heidi: My husband was offered a job and asked to start on a certain date, verbally, but the non-profit never sent to offer letter. He emailed and called a few times. The last time the founder of the organization picked up the phone and he explained that he was asked to start in the next few days but he didn't know where to go. She had no idea what he was even talking about and a few days later my husband got a TEXT from the VP that it turns out they never got approval for the funds and he no longer had a job offer.​

Marie: Went through three interviews in 10 days. At the third interview, we discussed possible start dates, drug testing, etc. They actually told me I should make sure my passport was in order, because the position would need to travel outside the US in the first 30 days or so. They did everything but give me the actual job offer. Then... Radio Silence. I politely followed up a couple days later with both of the contacts at the company, but never heard from them again. I know now I dodged a bullet, as this is not the kind of company I would want to do HR for, but at the time, it was crushing.

Rebecca: Yes! I did three different interviews for a fairly large company. I was interviewing for a Regional HR Manager in the Midwest. I was told at the third interview that it was the final and they would contact me with the week. They completely ghosted me and ignored my emails following up!

Paula: Do five interviews with five different people (3 on site, 2 over Skype) over the course of one month and then total silence count? :) And might I add that they were the ones who approached me in the first place, on LinkedIn.

Robin: I interviewed for a Talent Acquisition role and was referred via a previous colleague.  After 2 follow up emails I've heard nothing regarding any feedback.  It's ok to decline people and having difficult conversations is part of the job!  

Keith: I myself was ghosted twice for screening calls when looking for a job, and that was enough for me to turn down a third appointment - it's far too indicative of poor company culture and I told them as much.

Do you have a story of being ghosted at work?