I don't want to send or receive GIFs at LinkedIn. Now, I can stop myself from sending them, but I can't stop people from sending them to me, but you can.

I'm a big LinkedIn user. I post something there almost every day. I love to connect with people.

What makes me love it? Because LinkedIn has managed to stay business focused. The fact that it began as a networking site means that most people (in my experience) have their real names with their real experience in their profiles. This keeps the trolls down. After all, if you say you work for Company X and then make a comment about how fat and ugly I am, it doesn't take that much work to figure out your boss or other company official and then tag them. 

But, I see now you've added the GIF capabilities to your messaging function. Please take it away.

It's not that I don't love a good GIF. I do. And Facebook and Twitter and excellent places for those--they are far more focused on friendship and funny than LinkedIn is.

See, I don't want LinkedIn to be focused on friendship and funny (although smart posts with humor are always appreciated). And, admittedly, I've made many friends through LinkedIn. But, I want the focus to be business, not a knockoff of Facebook.

I already get too many messages from unknown men without their shirts on, or who send me pictures of flowers. It's not a dating site, gentlemen. (And side note, do women do this to men? I've never heard of it, but I'd love to hear the stories if they do.)

So, please, let's leave the GIFs out of LinkedIn's messaging function. Let's keep it a place where people can share innovative ideas about business and careers. Let's keep it a place where we can learn about others skills and qualifications, not their ability to share funny things that they didn't create.

Businesses that try to be all things to all people tend to not be very good at anything. LinkedIn has been good at networking and building professional relationships. Let's please keep it that way.