Glassdoor pulled together a list of some pretty great perks that it describes as going "beyond the basics" and entering "legendary status." While I'm not quite sure all of these reach legendary status, I will say that most are pretty awesome.

1. IKEA offers up to four months of paid parental leave to both part-time and full-time employees who have at least one year of experience at the company, regardless of whether they work at a retail store or the corporate headquarters.

Why this is "legendary": The thing I like most about this perk is that it hits two neglected categories--part-time employees and retail employees. Lots of times, big companies announce major perks but limit them to the highest-paid people. I'm happy to see part-time and retail employees getting a great perk.

2. Reebok encourages employees to reach their personal fitness goals by providing an onsite gym with CrossFit classes.

Why this is "legendary": Gyms are common. CrossFit is unique. Plus, it goes with the overall company culture and product lines.

3. Bain & Company, the Best Place to Work in 2017, holds an annual two-day, global "Bain World Cup" soccer tournament open to all employees. Last year's event was in Brussels. The 2017 tournament will be held in Los Angeles.

Why this is "legendary": This is definitely a unique perk. However, I'm going to say this one isn't as awesome as Glassdoor thinks, because it's limited to one sport and doesn't appeal to the whole population. That said, since Bain is Glassdoor's Best Place to Work in 2017, this is clearly not the only perk.

4. Goldman Sachs offers coverage for gender reassignment surgery, a benefit the company has offered since 2008.

Why this is "legendary": If you want gender reassignment surgery, start working on landing a job at Goldman Sachs. This is a rare benefit.

5. Facebook provides health care coverage and free housing for interns. The company is known for its competitive benefits package--many Facebook interns report earning more than $7,000 per month.

Why this is "legendary": No explanation needed. Sign me up. Or rather, sign my kids up for this internship.

6. Scripps Health cares about the well-being of its employees' furry family members, offering pet health insurance for cats and dogs.

Why this is "legendary": Nothing says you care about your employees like caring about what they are about, and people love their pets.

7. Starbucks provides full tuition reimbursement for its employees, covering an online bachelor's degree program through Arizona State University.

Why this is "legendary": Tuition reimbursement is common, but not full tuition reimbursement, and this benefit is available to their baristas as well--not just corporate people.

8. American Express's parental leave policy offers up to five months of fully paid leave for both mothers and fathers. Birthing mothers generally receive an additional six to eight weeks under salary continuation for medical leave. Parents are also given access to a 24-hour lactation consultant, and mothers traveling for business can ship their breast milk home for free.

Why this is "legendary": Not only is this a fantastic parental leave program, but allowing nursing mothers to ship breast milk home for free means that more women can grow their careers while still nursing their babies. Fabulous.

9. Eventbrite helps keep employees healthy by offering a monthly $60 wellness stipend, which can be used on everything from gym dues to juice cleanses.

Why this is "legendary": The flexibility makes this fabulous. If you like the gym, you can go to the gym. If you prefer something else on the wellness spectrum, you can do that.

10. Whole Foods Market offers a 20 percent store discount to all employees, including those who are part time.

Why this is "legendary": While Whole Foods is often joked about as Whole Paycheck, this discount means that employees don't have to spend their whole paycheck there.

11. In-N-Out's employees can treat themselves to a free Double-Double burger and fries during each shift.

Why this is "legendary": Much like the Facebook perk, this one is self-explanatory. If my kids can't get internships at Facebook, I'm sending them to apply at In-N-Out.

12. Deloitte offers two sabbatical programs: an unpaid one-month sabbatical that can be taken for any reason, and a three- to six-month sabbatical that can be taken to pursue personal or professional growth opportunities with 40 percent pay.

Why this is "legendary": Vacations are awesome and fun, but a sabbatical allows you to chase your dreams. Wow.

13. Gap provides free access to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to corporate employees. Gap founders Doris and Donald Fisher worked closely with the museum to feature their prominent private collection.

Why this is "legendary": To be honest, I'm not sure about the legendary status of this perk. It's a great perk, to be sure, but lots of companies provide museum memberships and discounts, and this one is only for corporate employees.

14. Microsoft offers an annual $800 "StayFit" reimbursement program to help cover the cost of gym memberships and fitness programs.

Why this is "legendary": Again, a great perk, but hardly legendary. Gym benefits are a common perk.

15. Insurance company Swiss Re's "Own the Way You Work" program encourages employees to embrace flexibility in their schedules and work remotely.

Why this is "legendary": Hopefully, the legendary status of this will go away shortly, as more and more companies embrace flexibility, but right now, this is a perk lots of people chase.

16. Amazon offers two programs for new parents: Leave Share, which allows employees to share paid leave with their partner if the partner's company does not offer paid leave, and Ramp Back, which gives new moms more control over easing back into work. All perks are available for corporate, customer service, and fulfillment center employees.

Why this is "legendary": I've never heard of Leave Share before, which sounds awesome. Ramp Back offers a path back that many new moms want.

17. USAA offers a strong 401(k) program with an 8 percent matching policy. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, the average company in the U.S. matches 6 percent.

Why this is "legendary": An 8 percent match is awesome. Talk about making retirement savings easy.

18. Southwest offers all employees and their dependents access to Clear Skies, an employee assistance program that provides confidential counseling, work/life services, and legal consultations.

Why this is "legendary": Many companies offer employee assistance programs, but this sounds like an EAP on steroids. A nice perk that's one step up from normal.

19. Genentech offers unique onsite amenities, including car washes, haircuts, child care, a mobile spa, and a dentist.

Why this is "legendary": Everyone hates to go to the dentist, but if you don't need to take a huge amount of time off work for it, it makes it not as terrible.

20. Timberland employees can take up to 40 hours of paid time off per year to volunteer.

Why this is "legendary": Not only does this help its employees, it makes the whole world better off when people take the time to help others.