Emily McCombs, Parents Editorial Director at HuffPost, tweeted her New Year's Resolutions. She's since deleted the tweet, but not before many people grabbed it. Here's the tweet:

You can see why  McCombs might have deleted it. You can also see why she wants to cultivate friendships with women, because, after all, she's planning to kill all men. Hard to cultivate friendships with the dead.

This isn't McCombs first foray into misandry. She has written about how raising her son gives her "sweat-soaked, sit-straight-up-in-bed feminist nightmares" because she "can imagine a future in which my own spawn makes some woman feel as voiceless as the boys in my high school once did, a world in which he blithely argues against the existence of male privilege and shit-talks the latest all-female remake on Twitter."

Speaking of Twitter, the above tweet wasn't her only one about how much she despises men. She's made her Twitter account private following her "kill all men" tweet, but the Daily Caller documented these before she hid from the consequences of her own words:

Filed my nails into sharp little points last night so that I may spear and devour the hearts of men.

-- Emily McCombs (@msemilymccombs) November 29, 2017

Can we have a day without men tomorrow?

-- Emily McCombs (@msemilymccombs) March 9, 2017

What do you do with an employee like this? You fire them. No ifs, ands, or buts. Remember, the law protects men and women equally. Gender discrimination laws don't just protect women from the Harvey Weinstein's of the world, they also protect men from the Emily McCombs of the world.

Announcing you wish to kill 50 percent of the world's population is not a joke any more than announcing you'd like to rape 50 percent of the world's population. If she has a problem with a particular man who treated her poorly, then by all means she should speak out. But this behavior steps over the line.

I have reached out to HuffPost and asked them for a statement regarding Ms. McCombs. If they respond, I will certainly update this post. Hopefully they will say their New Year's Resolution is to remove sexist editors from their staff.

We absolutely should not tolerate this type of behavior. You should not tolerate this in your business either. 

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