Lean Cuisine launched a new hashtag campaign: #ItAll. The idea was part of a project they had done, asking women individually what they wanted, and then having them say what they wanted out of life when accompanied by a friend. The results were pretty good--89 percent of the women made more ambitious life choices when they were accompanied by a friend who supported them.

Here are their tweet and video:

So why did Twitter have a field day with them? Well, Twitter tends to have a field day with anyone who so much as breathes on Twitter, but here are some samples:

As Michelle points out, this isn't a common question asked of men. It seems to be purely women that are asked if they have it all, or how they are balancing motherhood and work. It reminded me of this rant from Kristina Kuzmic where she concludes, screw balance:

Let's face reality here: No one gets "It all." No one. Not men, not women, not plants. Every single one of us has to make choices and that's okay. You're not a better woman if your choices are "more ambitious." Make whatever choices you want. Just stand behind them.

If you're not comfortable with your choices or where your life is, make different choices. But, don't try to let a diet food company convince you that if you just have warm, supportive friends, you'll be able to have "it all."

And social media experts, you should know by now that hashtag campaigns never go the way the creators want. Give it up.