I love dessert. I'm a firm believer that food can bring us together, and dessert can do that in a very special way. It must be true because I saw the most amazing LinkedIn post from Todd Rogerson, the Chief Happiness Officer for San Churro Chocolateria, an Australian dessert company. He wrote:

As Chief Happiness Officer at San Churro Chocolateria, I am passionate in helping all staff find purpose in their career path. As a business, we have seen ups and downs in our 13 year journey and understand the hardships everyone goes through when times are tough. With the unfortunate news of Max Brenner closures throughout the nation, I would like all ex Max Brenner Staff know that we would love to hear from them if they are keen to continue their #chocolate journey with us. We are one big familia here at San Churro and love sharing our passion for chocolate and churros. If you find yourself loving your experience working with chocolate and desserts, now questioning where to go, please email your local San Churro with your CV.

Max Brenner, it turns out, is closing 20 out of its 37 stores in Australia. That means a good deal of people will be looking for jobs.

Rogerson is doing the smart--some might even say emotionally intelligent--thing by reaching out to those people. He knows that just because someone loses a job, it doesn't mean that person is a bad employee. In fact, that person may be a stellar employee.

Being laid off can be emotionally overwhelming. It can be difficult to apply for new jobs even though you know you have to get right back out there. By reaching out, San Churro Chocolateria lets these workers know there are opportunities out there and people who will respect and value their experience.

So many recruiters and hiring managers reject people who are out of work, but Rogerson is reaching out specifically to the unemployed. We should all learn from this. If your competitor has a bad streak, don't mock and gloat, reach out to their former team members.

If you're hiring, don't reject people who are currently unemployed. They may have the knowledge, skills, and abilities that you need. They may be unemployed only because someone else made a mistake--not that they did. Not that mistakes are always indicative of a poor employee. Risk taking is necessary for success.

So, learn from this sweet example of how to do business. And perhaps I need to go on a fact-finding mission to Australia and check out the dessert. 

Published on: Oct 16, 2018
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