While it's true that our co-workers, bosses, clients, and vendors can sometimes drive us up the wall, they aren't alone in their frustration-inducing powers. The things in an office can also raise blood pressure and drive us to the vending machine.

Expert Market surveyed 1,000 employees in the U.K. and came up with the top 10 things that drive people up the wall. Does your office suffer from some of these?

1. Slow, old computer. When the IT people groan when they see your number come up on their phone, it's probably time for the boss to spring for an updated computer. You can work much more efficiently if your computer isn't always freezing.

2. Uncomfortable chair. Back pain may be the least of the problems caused by a terrible chair.

3. Malfunctioning printer. When you've got to get to a meeting in three minutes and the printer decides to spend 45 minutes "spooling," the urge to commit machine-icide can be overwhelming.

4. Faulty heater or air conditioning. When you have to wear your coat in July and a tank top in January, maybe maintenance should look at the heating and cooling system.

5. Photocopier not working properly. There's a reason why the one person who can make the copier work is immune from layoffs.

6. Bad office lighting. So dark you can't see or so bright you get a headache? Flickering lights? Lights that make you look like you're close to death? All of these happen in far too many offices.

7. Unreliable phone system. "Let me transfer you--oops." Frustrating for staff and customers alike.

8.Unpleasant communal toilets. This needs no commentary, although it's amazing that some people make it to adulthood with their inability to aim.

9. Cramped, old desk. No room for your elbows? A folded piece of cardboard stuffed under one leg in order to keep it balanced? You're not alone.

10. Broken coffee machine. Many people in the office live on coffee. Having no access can make everyone cranky--especially the people who have to deal with the uncaffeinated.