In early 1999 I had a job interview with a market research firm. One of the things they asked me about was my ability to use a search engine to find information on the internet. Google had just been founded a few months earlier and internet searching was difficult. The fact that I was good at doing internet searches was a plus on my resume-one of the reasons they'd called me in.

Now? Can you imagine someone putting that they could find information on the internet on their resume? Outside of specialized research librarian jobs that would be a ridiculous thing to put on a resume. But, it wasn't ridiculous 17 years ago. Now, even small children have what was once an actual skill, so no need to mention it.

Is the term "digital" going down the same path? Adam & Eve/DDB believe it is, and they've axed the term from their job descriptions. BrandRepublic quotes current Executive Interactive Director and former Digital Director, Alex Hesz as saying,

Digital' isn't a subset of what we do here, just as it isn't for consumers. It's a part of every aspect of day-to-day life for us, just as it is for them.

The last couple of years have seen us radically changing the shape of what we deliver for all our clients. We're setting ourselves some ambitious challenges, but we think we have the people in place to meet them.

What do you think? Are your consumers so immersed in digital that it makes no sense to separate out that from other aspects of your products and services? An advertising agency that knew how to do internet marketing 17 years ago was cutting edge. Now? One that couldn't would be out of business. It's just assumed that the digital aspect is there.

Are there other terms and requirements that we use that are outdated? That everybody can do and, therefore, no longer sets a job candidate or a business apart?

When we talk about changing titles to fit times, it doesn't mean getting silly or cute with titles. It should be clear what people do, but there's no need to designate things that everyone does. What designations would you like to see disappear?