Technology has made our lives better. The fact that we have clean water, electricity and I'm writing this while a robot vacuums my living room and torments my cats means that my life is more comfortable and safe than my ancestors' lives.

But, technology doesn't make everything better, and there are limits, especially in the area of Human Resources. While HR Tech is always a hot topic of conversation in the Human Resources space and something businesses should be focusing on.

So this year at Unleash World in Paris, I spoke with several HR Tech companies about the problems they are looking to solve. Here's what they said.

Problem: Employee satisfaction and turnover.

Solution from Klil Nevo, Managing Director of Customer Success at Juno Journey:

Millennials today are looking for personal development as well as career opportunities. We offer a tailor-made career map based on skills and tasks backed with personalized learning that results in prediction for internal mobility and growth in your organization.

Problem: Stress and Tension

Solution from Eric Woehrling: Finance Director Pacla Medical -With BackHug:

Pressure point massage. We install for free in offices, factories, and gyms--anywhere there are lots of people with tension and people book sessions on the device with our app just like an Uber, and they pay when they operate.

Problem: The Talent Experience

Solution from Brad Goldoor: Chief People Office Phenom People:

We solve the talent experience problem by offering superior interfaces in user interface and user experience. We take that data and reduce time and cost per hire and as well as increase quality.

Problem: Employee coaching

Solution from Ozlem Sarioglu, Co-Founder of SparkUs:

We are about bringing coaching to more people. There are limited resources that restrict coaching services to a few select people in an organization. With SparkUs, we provide a self-directed coaching platform, creating a safe space for people to think about themselves--reflect on what they are doing, explore, and follow-through. Then the human element, like a coach, manager, or mentor, comes into play to fine-tune and deepen the experience."

Problem: Hiring Computer Engineers

Solution from: Aude Barral Cofounder CodinGame:

The tech market hiring market is very tense, and it's becoming increasingly difficult for companies to find developers to hire. Here at Codingame, we provide recruiters with an all in one tech recruiting platform to source, screen, and retain the best developers And our main asset is that we do it through gamification. We provide gamified assessment tests that engage developers in a different way and totally disrupt the way companies hire them.: 

Problem: Agility

Solution from Phillippe Pinault: CEO holaSpirit:

The problem is being agile at scale. When you grow a company, you like to grow and be still agile. Being agile when you are ten people is easy; being agile when you are 1000 is much more difficult. It meets new ways of management. We bring more clarity and transparency to who is doing what. We help distribute the authority within the organization.

Problem: Email Flooding

Solution from Benoit Renoul: Head of Marketing Talkspirit:

Our platform centralizes all the exchange of information and documents and projects inside the company. New employees have instant access to all the projects that they are involved in and don't need to exchange multiple emails with all the existing employees. It allows them to access information themselves without extensive training. There is a search engine that allows them to access all the information they need.

Problem: Building an alumni network

Solution from Roman Vovk: Business Development Manager and Charlotte Sault Head of International Marketing & Alumni Relations IntraWorlds:

We take a modern approach to the talent life cycle. We recognize that talent management starts before, during, and after employment. We know that millennials are moving jobs quicker than ever and no longer stay with firms for decades. We help companies stay connected with former employees with a talent-centric approach to help them reach their business objectives

Problem: Time consuming interviews

Solution from Adam Gretton Sales Manager, UK and Brian Morris Regional Sales Manager Switzerland, Sonru:

The problem is it's too time-consuming, and companies have too many candidates, and there is too much time spent scheduling interviews. These telephone interviews are inconsistent. The name comes from the Irish to stand out, and we are designed to help candidates stand out by bringing their CV to life. Cvs are not good predictors of job performance. The predictive validity of a telephone interview is .36 (36 percent of the time your decision based on that was correct), and with a video interview, it's .51. Industry analysts from Gartner highlighted video interviewing as high current importance and high future relevance. So it will become a lot more mainstream.