Meetings are a fact of business life. Sure, a lot of things can be accomplished via email, IM or Slack, but sometimes you have to meet face to face or over video conference. These are good things--face to face can bring a lot of advantages and convey information more clearly than via text message. (After all, you can hear tone of voice and see facial expressions when you can actually see each other.) But, what if you're a person who is prone to fidgeting?

If you're that person you've been known to tap your pen, doodle on your paper, or bounce your foot up and down, which can sometimes result in accidentally kicking a co-worker. You can buy one of the many fidget toys on the market, but that is obvious and can project an image of unprofessionalism (even though fidgeting can help us remember things we hear). Or, you can get one of these Fidgipens.

Why a Fidgipen instead of another toy? Because it looks like a pen. You don't look unprofessional or like a dork while you fiddle with a cube. You can be attentively taking notes while you spin a copper disk, flip a spring clip, roll a ball, click a switch, rub finger over a smooth disk or textured grip. And, of course you can write with it.

I have a whole family of fidgeters and I've had to explain multiple times to teachers (who should be up on the research) that my little darlings ARE paying attention when they are fidgeting or doodling and that they should not be punished for such behavior as long as they aren't disturbing other people. Frankly, it's getting tedious. (Although my oldest has now taken it upon herself to explain herself, which makes my life easier but her life a bit worse.)

Your mom can't step in and explain to your boss that you're not a slacker because you are fidgeting during a meeting (at least she absolutely, positively, should not step in), and it can be distracting to other people. So, having a fidget toy that is discrete and functional sounds like a dream.

Other people think so as well, as they had a $15,000 goal and have raised $50,000 with 25 days left to go. If it works as promised, it may revolutionize meetings for fidgeters all over the world.