Okay, not totally written by a robot, just partially. I kept getting ads on Facebook for Articoolo, and I finally gave in and clicked. (See, that Facebook marketing really works!) They claim they can create unique content in a matter of minutes. As a writer, the last thing I need is a robot stealing my job, but I thought I’d give it a try. I signed up, and put in my keywords (“managing employees”) and got 250 words back. (It will do up to 500.) Here’s the first paragraph:

Hiring employees is really a begin to creating a strong workforce. High employee turnover costs company owners in time and productivity. Offer a competitive rewards package that suits your personnel requires. Like flextime and the choice of telecommuting, get quite a distance to show employees you’re willing to adapt their exterior lives. Use competitions and bonuses to help keep employees determined and feeling recognized. These kinds of applications may maintain workers focused and excited about their jobs. Additionally to executing exit interviews to understand why employees are leaving, study requesting longer tenured workers why they continue. Employees can be disappointed and might stop attempting if they see no obvious future for themselves at your business.

This was with “enhanced uniqueness.” It’s got some good ideas. Heaven knows I’m a huge fan of flextime and telecommuting, and the grammar makes Grammarly happy but makes me cringe. Definitely not ready for prime time. But, I decided to give it another go. Same keywords, but this time for “better readability.”

Employees pressure is an increasing issue for companies today. Stress may be defined as a lively situation wherein people face restrictions, possibilities, or lack of anything they want and for which the result is both unforeseen as well as crucial. Stress is the response of people to the unreasonable/excessive pressure or demands placed on them. This positive measurement of stress is called as enstress. The term stress has a negative inference and this negative facet of stress is termed as distress. A few of the signs of stress at workplace are the following-. It’s therefore essential to have effective anxiety management strategies within an organization so the harmful effects of pressure on the workers in addition to their operation can be decreased and controlled.

First of all, I learned a new word–enstress. Except by Googling, I discovered that perhaps a better word is “eustress.” Nevertheless, it is a positive form of stress. Again, this paragraph is not ready for publication–not even close, but it does present a completely different picture of the same keywords, which is a bonus.

While I’m not at all concerned about Articolo stealing my clients, I can definitely see this as a tool to help a non-writer get going. Running the same keywords through twice gave me two different jumping off points and some things to think about. At $0.99 per article, it’s probably worth it to help with ideas. If you’re thinking of replacing your professional content writer with it, though, you’re nuts.

Articolo CEO Doron Tal agrees with me. In an email to me (which he swears is written by a human), he said, “At the stage we are in, our tool cannot completely replace human writers, especially not journalists and writers, but it can help them do their job quicker as it may save them time of basic content discovery and accumulation process. At this point we are targeting mainly SEO experts. For them, our tool is already perfect. They usually need large amount of textual content and the most important thing for them is the uniqueness of it.”

One other thing Articoolo can do–generate headlines. I hate writing headlines, so I put in the text from an article I wrote last week, “The Single Most Important Thing You Need for a Productive Team” and it came back with the following headline suggestions.

  • Why Smart People Defend Bad Ideas?
  • Why Smart People Do Stupid Things?
  • Why Smart People Are Stupid?
  • Senior People Can Often Tell That An Idea Is Stupid
  • Every Company Wants High Productivity

Personally, I like “Why Smart People Are Stupid?” but it doesn’t fit the article. However, it’s a great headline for another article–sans question mark. Again, not a perfect solution, but a good jumping off point.

For $0.99 per article, it’s not a bad deal if you’re willing to do some editing and your focus is on getting content available for search engines. If your focus is on getting people to read, love, and share your content, hire a human.