Do your coworkers lack a sense of humor? Are they not excited about happy hour on Thursdays? Well, a 19-year-old Enterprise Rent-A-Car worker in Missouri admits to giving his coworkers LSD laced drinks because "they were too uptight, and needed to have better energy." 

I saw this story on Twitter, and laughed at the name of the tweeter:

I assure you that Ms. Hernandez is not high on LSD or any other drug--simply HR. But, I wondered why people think this is an okay thing. 

There's an idea that small doses of LSD are harmless at worst and beneficial at best. It is supposed to give you a boost of energy and make you more focused at work--better than caffeine or Adderall. (Full disclosure, this article is being written under the influence of caffeine.) Scientists are finding that micro-dosing does have some benefits

LSD was invented by a scientist, Albert Hofmann who used to live about three doors down from me. He was an avid user and lived to be 102 years old. Plenty of evidence that the advocates of micro-dosing may be right.

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But, here's the important thing: it's still an illegal controlled substance. It's illegal to possess it (outside of a permitted controlled laboratory setting), it's illegal to take it, and it's illegal to secretly (or knowingly) give it to your coworkers, no matter how uptight they may be.

I don't even drink, so I'm glad my former coworkers didn't try to loosen me up by spiking my food or beverages. Even if it were legal (as marijuana is in many states), it would still be illegal to give it to an unsuspecting coworker.

So, if you want your coworkers to "loosen up" or have "more energy," tell them a joke or put some red bull in the fridge and mark it "free." Don't be dumb and trick them into taking anything.