My first non-babysitting job (I started babysitting for the neighbors at 11) was fast food; so was my second. I've worked retail, been an administrative assistant, taught LSAT prep, sold truck bumpers and trained people to use SAP. I've run numbers, and I've fired people, I've coached managers, and written countless articles.

In other words, my varied work history is absolutely normal.

On Twitter, Shannon Bream asked people to list five of their jobs and the results are fascinating--and shows that the path to success isn't always straight up the corporate ladder.

Telemarketer is probably the worst job on many people's resumes, and while I think wedding pianist sounds like fun, I bet that there can be a lot of stress involved.

Some of the other responses are fun as well:

I love how varied this list is--lots of professional jobs that seem completely unrelated to eacho other.

Yikes! I worked as an administrative assistant in a credit union once, and had to go through robbery training but never experienced an actual robbery.

Normal high school jobs, followed by professional wrestling promotion, then normal jobs again. I'm not saying that professional wrestling promotion isn't normal, but it's not normal.

This one proves that some people do pick a career and stick with it, which has its advantages!

I love lists like this because they demonstrate that it's okay to change jobs, start at the bottom, and that hard work in bad jobs can lead to better jobs. The important thing is to work and work hard. And don't panic if you're not where you want to be right now. It's okay to be a mall Easter Bunny and it doesn't mean you can't achieve your dreams. Plus, maybe you get free chocolate as an Easter Bunny, which isn't bad.